Most Asked

+ What is this thing?

Bum’s Bike & Brew is a human-powered bicycle bar that gives its 14 passengers (21 years and older) a tour around Brookings while socializing and drinking (if desired). BBB provides a sober driver, the ‘Captain’, to host each 2-hour tour. Drinks are purchased when pedalers arrive at the tour’s start location. During each tour, games are played and making pit stops at local businesses are encouraged but not required.

+ How long does it last & how much does it cost?

Tours are 2 hours long but if you know in advance your group would prefer more or less time on the bike, just call or email us & we'll happily accomodate to your schedule!

Sunday - Thursday: $225/tour ($16.25/person with a full bike)

Friday - Saturday: $275/tour ($19.75/person with a full bike)

+ Who/how many people can ride the bike?

Pedalers must be 21 years or older to party with us on Bum's Bike & Brew.

A total of 14 people can ride the bike at one time. 10 pedaling passengers and 4 non-pedaling passengers.

*A minimum of 8 pedaling passengers is required to ensure pedalers are comfortable.

+ Why do we have to sign a waiver? Where do we sign it?

The waiver is for your safety and our safety. Click here to print & sign the waiver on your own or we will have a waiver ready for you to sign when you show up, just let us know what you decide.

+ Can we bring our own alcohol?

To make sure that we are staying compliant with city regulations, all drinks must be purchased through BBB. Beverages can be bought when you arrive for your tour !

Check out the Brew Menu to see our beverage selection.

Booking Questions

+ How do I book a tour? How far in advance should I book?

Book Here! We prefer you book/reserve your tour at least 1 week in advance. But if you and your group decide you want to ride last minute, give us a call and we'll do our best to accomodate.

+ When should we arrive for the tour?

In order to start on time and for you to take advantage of your entire 2 hours, we suggest arriving at least 15 minutes before your tour is scheduled to start.

+ How & when do I pay?

You pay at the time of booking. All credit cards accepted.

+ Can we book individual seats?

Not yet, but soon!

Tour Questions

+ Where do we park?

There are parking spaces along the street by our garage. There is also a parking lot to the North of 6th Street and a 72 hour parking lot 1 block South of our garage.

+ Where does the bike start/stop/go?

BBB tours start and end at 308 6th St. Suite C. We're on the corner of 6th St. and 3rd Ave.

We can stop almost anywhere you'd like, within reason. For information about our preset routes, click here.

+ What Should we wear?

Close-toed shoes are preferred but not required.

We suggest dressing in layers in case you get cold/hot.

Hats/Sunglasses are encouraged

+ Do we have to drive the bike?

Nope! We take care of that so you can have as much fun as possible.

+ Is there music?

What kind of a party doesn't have music? Of course! We have a bluetooth speaker you are welcome to hook your own music up otherwise we can play music upon request.

+ What if I don't want to pedal the whole time?

If you have 11+ people, just sweet talk one of your buddies that are sitting on a non-pedaling seat to switch spots with you!


Cancellation Questions

+ What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life can be hectic, if you need to cancel your tour, please call and let us know as soon as possible.

Cancellation/Refund policy:

< 48 hours notice = no refund/raincheck/credit

< 13 Days = 50% refund

< 14 - 29 Days = raincheck (good through the season in which it was written)

>30 Days = full refund or choice of raincheck

+ What if the weather is bad?

We live in Brookings, South Dakota... Of course, BBB understands that the weather here can be pretty unpredictable but, the tour must go on.

In the event of questionable/unsafe weather, the decision to cancel a tour is at our driver's discretion. Our driver will inform the renting party at least 1 hour before the tour to cancel, said party will receive a raincheck upon our driver cancelling. Please see our cancellation policy in the question above.

+ What if our tour runs late?

This policy is enforced if your group parties too long at a pitstop causing our BBB driver to return late. BBB's Late return penalties are as follows:

< 15 minutes late = $25

16 - 30 minutes late = $70

31-45 minutes late = $140

46-60 minutes late = $215

> 60 minutes late = $250


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